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Cash flow isn’t always straightforward and costs can escalate.  That’s why we offer flexible funding arrangements to help you manage your costs.

In some cases we can offer individuals and businesses a fixed fee for our services, or else a capped rate or scheduled monthly payments to help you to keep track of your budget.

The Jackson civil procedure reforms of 2013 introduced significant changes to the costs of civil proceedings.   The most significant of these are the restrictions on the recoverability of success fees and ATE premiums.  Despite these changes, we are one of the few law firms still able to consider No Win No Fee arrangements in a variety of cases.

We can advise you on insurance policies which you may already have in place which will cover the cost of your legal expenses without any charge to you.  For example, not everyone is aware that many household and motor insurance policies provide cover for up to £50,000 of legal costs (known as “Before the Event Insurance” or “Legal Expenses Insurance”).  We can review your insurance policies to establish whether you already have cover in place.

We can also advise you on taking out a policy that will cover the costs of your opponents in the event that your case does not succeed (known as “After the Event Insurance”).   Although the costs of these premiums are mostly no longer recoverable if you win, they can still afford you important protection in civil proceedings.

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